September 10, 2018
(currently being updated)

See me at the 2018 London International Early Music Exhibition, November 8, 9, 10.

With 40 years of experience building and repairing stringed instruments,
I make viols based on English and French instruments from the late 1500s to the late 1600s,  constructed with multi staved, bent fronts.

-Tenor viol after the maker John Rose, London 1595. String length 58cm. Completed March, 2017-

Through the study of the small number of original instruments or portions of them
 surviving intact, the existing body of research and my own observations as an experienced luthier,
I continue to refine my ideas of what makes the bent front design successful.

-7 string bass after Michele Colichon, Paris 1683. String length 70 cm. Completed June 2016-

I build two versions of each instrument.  One a closer copy in decoration and woods
to the original.  The other, a simplified version with the scroll, fingerboard/tailpiece
and other elements of my own design but still looking the part, in order
to make a less expensive instrument that sounds and plays equally well.

-Bass after the maker Henry Jaye, London c. 1620.  70cm string length. Completed September 2014-

All my instruments feature high quality seasoned woods, chosen for both their aesthetic
and acoustic qualities and careful construction and attention to detail.

-Tenor after Henry Jaye, London c. 1660.  54 cm string length. Completed April 2015-

-Tenor viol after John Rose, London 1598 . 58 cm string length, Completed April , 2014-

7 string bass 1691 Michele Colichon, Paris. 72.5 cm string length, "Essential" version. Completed March 2015