This large treble viol was completed in July. The body is closely copied from a 1603 Hoskins treble,
in the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota museum. Only the body has survived so the neck and scroll are derived from similar English viols for the period.  It's string length is 38cm.

This one is an unusual instrument for me to make in that the top is fully carved, instead of the usual
bent stave front, it is fully carved from solid wood ....the "Bellye being digged out of a plank"
as Christopher Simpson (from "The Division-Viol", 1659) described his preferred style of construction,
this was becoming more and more the common way of front construction as the century progressed.

This instrument is made in my simplified style, with less decorative edge inlay, a non veneered finger board
and simple scroll ... this one with a fine European spruce top, a figured walnut and and cherry 3 piece back, cherry ribs, neck and fingerboard, ebony pegs.  

Price is $5,800 case choice.