-Tenor viol after the maker John Rose, London 1595. String length 58cm-

Through the study of the small number of surviving instruments of this design, their associated research and my own observations as an experienced luthier, I continue to refine my ideas of what makes the bent front design successful.

Though I do not make exact copies, I believe the construction of my viols accurately reproduce the important design elements and details of these original viols and their acoustic qualities.
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-Bass after the maker Henry Jaye, London c. 1620.  70cm string length-

I build two versions of each instrument. One, closer in woods and ornament to the original.
The other, with simplified scroll, fingerboard and other decorative elements to make a less expensive, though no less quality instrument.

All my instruments feature careful construction and attention to detail, high quality, well seasoned woods chosen for both their acoustic and aesthetic qualities and are fully warranted to the original owner.

-Tenor after Henry Jaye, London c. 1660.  54 cm string length-

-Tenor viol after John Rose, London 1598. 58 cm string length, Simple version.-

-7 string bass 1691 Michele Colichon, Paris. 72.5 cm string length, Simple version-