July, 13, 2018

Welcome to my website ....some photos of recently completed instruments.

See me at Viols West , August 7-10 in San Luis Obispo, California.

 The original models of the Viols, or Gambas, that I build were made from the late 1500's through the late 1600's in England and France and were all constructed with "bent fronts"(click for more)

Tenor viol after the maker John Rose, London 1595. String length 58cm. Completed March, 2017.
(Click on photos to enlarge)

7 string bass after the maker Michele Colichon, Paris 1683. String length 70 cm. Completed June 2016.

Bass after the maker Henry Jaye, London c. 1620.  70cm string length. Completed September 2014.

Tenor after Henry Jaye, London c. 1660.  54 cm string length. Completed April 2015.

Tenor viol after John Rose, London 1598 . 58 cm string length, "Essential" version. Completed April , 2014.

7 string bass 1691 Michele Colichon, Paris. 72.5 cm string length, "Essential" version. Completed March 2015